Image shows Elizabeth Emery laughing at the camera, wearing a brown canvas apron. She's holding a large mug of tea and next to her are the words 'Eat Your Veg - The Plant-Based Podcast'.

Eat Your Veg is a plant-based podcast with me, Elizabeth Emery featuring quick tips to help you wherever you are on your journey towards eating less meat.

Want to learn how to cook tofu? Wondering what to eat for vegan Thanksgiving? Or maybe you just need some quick vegan dinner recipes? I've got you covered.

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Each week I answer your questions and offer my tips for easy plant-based living. Episodes are short, snappy and to the point!

So whether you're curious about making the switch to a vegan diet, wondering how to eat more plants or just want to know about all things plant-based, join me weekly on the Eat Your Veg Podcast as we dive in.

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