Quick Vegan Meals in 20 Minutes

Looking for easy vegan weeknight dinners that everyone will love? These quick vegan meals can all be made in 20 minutes or less. many are one-pot and family-friendly recipes too!

Quick Vegan Meals in 20 Minutes - Instant Noodle Jars


Tired of not knowing what to cook each day? Maybe you’re wondering how to go vegan and want some easy vegan dinners, or perhaps you’re a seasoned pro looking for inspiration.

Either way, this ebook is for you! Containing 10 vegan gluten free dinner recipes, I’m showing you that healthy vegan meals don’t have to be expensive or difficult to prepare.

20 Minute Vegan Dinners eBook


Healthy, quick vegan dinners.
Made with real ingredients and all take 20 minutes or less.

Great for beginners. Even if you have very little kitchen experience, these dinners are easy to make and require little specialist equipment.

Easy-to-find ingredients. Ingredients for these recipes should be findable in your local supermarket.

Vegan AND gluten free. No need to compromise if you're looking for vegan gluten free dinners - these recipes are all gluten free too.

Quick Vegan Meals in 30 Minutes - Sweet Potato & Cauliflower Curry


  • Fast (all 20 minutes or less)
  • Healthy, containing a wide variety of whole foods
  • Easy to prepare (no advance prepping of sauces etc.)
  • Made from regular ingredients you’d find in your local supermarket


  • 10 original vegan dinner recipes, exclusive to this ebook
  • Pro tips showing you how to make the most of each dish
  • Recipes high in protein (almost all)
  • Gluten free ingredients

20 Minute Vegan Dinners eBook


1) Instant Noodle Jars

2) Cashew Cream Pasta 

3) Smashed Chickpea & Mushroom Toast

4) Sweet Potato & Cauliflower Curry

5) Summer Bowl with Mint Vinaigrette

6) Mushroom Walnut Tacos

7) Speedy Chickpea Burger

8) Hearty Bean Chili

9) Leek & Potato Soup

10) Mushroom, Apricot & Arugula Salad 

Quick Vegan Meals in 30 Minutes - Mushroom Walnut Tacos


Are there any high protein vegan dinners in this ebook?

Yes! 9 out of 10 of these recipes contain a source of protein to keep you full and your energy balanced for longer.

What about one-pot dinners?

Yes, at least 4 of the recipes are one-pot meals. The rest require minimal extra equipment.

Are these recipes suitable as weeknight dinners?

Yes, all of them can be made on weeknights as they all take 20 minutes or less.

Are any gluten free?

All of these dinner recipes are both vegan and gluten free. In some cases where I recommend serving them with bread, simply use the gluten free variety.

20 Minute Vegan Dinners eBook

Quick Vegan Meals in 30 Minutes - Hearty Bean Chili

Still not sure? See what others have to say…..

Marissa Wong - Recipe Creator & Food Photographer at It's All Good Vegan

"If you’re anything like me, time is beyond valuable.  When it comes to working, taking care of my daughter and the million other things that come along with adulting these days, every minute of the day counts.  That’s why I LOVE Elizabeth's tasty 10 quick recipes and I’m sure you will too."

Murielle Banackissa - Food Photographer & Recipe Developer at muriellebanackissa.com

"Elizabeth's stunning photography and delicious plant-based recipes coming together into one ebook, what a great resource! I love how each recipe is quick and easy to make, but also nutrient packed and satisfying. Elizabeth reinvents many classics, while making each dish very approachable and sharing tips on how to level up many of the recipes."

Teri-Ann Carty - Food Photographer & Recipe Developer at terianncarty.com
"Elizabeth’s gorgeous ebook is exactly what’s needed for the busy person! Not only are the meals accessible and easy to execute, the ingredients are what most of us already have on hand. Elizabeth breaks down recipes so they are incredibly easy to follow. I have made her recipes and I know they work!"

Bhumika Mehta - Plant-based Digital Creator at The Writer Eats

"Beautiful. Simple. Very approachable. And not to forget, SO DELICIOUS! I love how each recipe requires just a few ingredients - most of which I already have at home, and takes away the stress of wondering what to cook, especially on busier days. Thanks Elizabeth, for making plant-based eating easier in every way!"

20 Minute Vegan Dinners eBook

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