My Favourite Vegan Restaurants in Seattle

My Favourite Vegan restaurants in Seattle - Vancouver with Love. Image of the Market Board at Life on Mars.

(Some of the meals in this post were gifted, and some were paid for. However, all views and opinions expressed here are my own and the reviews are honest. Enjoy!)

It might be famous for its fish market, but there are a large number of delicious vegan restaurants in Seattle. Whether you're after vegan ice cream, salad, or deep-fried cauliflower wings, this city has something for everyone. Plant-based eaters can rejoice knowing that they'll find a plethora of dining options for all budgets in this west coast city.

I live fairly close to Seattle, in Vancouver BC (3.5 hours by car) so journey down whenever I'm able. The city itself is quite different to Vancouver - it feels bigger and bolder with a more vibrant culture. Seattle is known for its music and arts, but it's also got a strong vegan food scene. At last count, there were nearly 30 vegan restaurants alone, with plenty more vegetarian ones. So if you're looking for plant-based food and drink, you've come to the right place. Read on for my guide to the best vegan restaurants in Seattle.

  • My Favourite Vegan restaurants in Seattle - Vancouver with Love. Image of Amazeballs from No Bones Beach Club.

  • My Favourite Vegan restaurants in Seattle - Vancouver with Love. Image of Buffalo Cauliflower Wings from No Bones Beach Club.

No Bones Beach Club


A new favourite that I discovered on my last visit to Seattle, No Bones Beach Club is exactly as it sounds. The atmosphere is casual and beachy, and the menu is vegan comfort food at its best. Think beer-battered tacos and macaroni & cheese balls. You can also find salads etc. but lets be honest, you're most likely going here for the comfort food. If that isn't enough to convince you, they also make a killer Mojito. Recommended.

Kati Vegan Thai


There are several plant-based Thai restaurants in Seattle, but in my opinion Kati Vegan Thai is the best. The atmosphere is delightful, with an airy and well-designed restaurant not far from Seattle's Capitol Hill. Kati offers both a lunchtime buffet and a full service evening menu alongside cocktails. I tried the evening menu and really enjoyed it, although beware of the spiciness of some dishes! My favourite item on the menu? Their house-made pot stickers (although I hear the garlic jackfruit is incredible too).

Plum Bistro


If you're going to try only one vegan restaurant in Seattle, make it Plum Bistro. Offering truly innovative and delicious dishes such as Black Truffle Gnocchi and Tempeh Vermouth, you'd be hard pushed to find a plant-based menu that would impress more. Be warned, it comes with a slightly steeper price tag, but the food is worth the indulgence. If their dinner prices are a little high for you, try their more cost-effective lunch menu instead. Or try Plum Chopped, their sister salad bar, below.

Plum Chopped


If the prices of Plum Bistro make your eyes water, head to Plum Chopped. Just next door to its sister restaurant, this eatery offers fresh, delicious salads paid by weight. You can pick from their menu or build your own, choosing delights such as Coriander-Rubbed Strami Tofu, Southern Spicy Pecans or fresh tangerines. Value for money combined with high quality ingredients and the imagination of Plum Bistro makes Plum Chopped a winner.

  • My Favourite Vegan restaurants in Seattle - Vancouver with Love. Image of a woman holding Frankie & Jo's ice cream cone against pam tree wallpaper.

  • My Favourite Vegan restaurants in Seattle - Vancouver with Love. Image of Frankie & Jo's Persimmon ice cream.

Frankie & Jo's


I love Frankie & Jo's. Possibly my favourite place on this list for their ridiculously indulgent flavours, it's a completely vegan ice cream parlour that offers delights such as Jamocha Chaga Fudge, Salty Caramel Ash and Gingerbread Golden Milk. They even have a flavour that's only sweetened with dates, which is reason enough to go there in my opinion! The decor is also GORGEOUS, with dusty pink, brass and concrete tones throughout. Just go, you won't regret it.

Chaco Canyon


Chaco Canyon is a sweet little spot in Seattle that started life as a juice bar and cafe. Now, it's expanded - both in terms of menu offerings and locations (there are three branches around Seattle). Offering delicious organic meals, juices and sweet treats, you can be sure of finding nutritious, healthy meals here. Favourite menu items include their Artichoke Melt, Tempeh Reuben and Hippie Bowl. Portions are well-sized and the atmosphere is casual.

  • My Favourite Vegan restaurants in Seattle - Vancouver with Love. Image of Ada's Technical Bookstore & Cafe.

  • My Favourite Vegan restaurants in Seattle - Vancouver with Love. Image of Chicken Burger and Mexican Bowl from Veggie Grill.

Ada's Technical Books & Cafe

(above left)

Not a restaurant as such, Ada's Technical Books & Cafe is what it says: a technical bookshop with a cafe attached. Aside from anything else, the books here are fantastic - think volumes all about the science of sex, and zen in martial arts. It's the perfect place to curl up with a book or two and read for hours, and they also happen to have a vegetarian cafe. With plenty of vegan options, you'll find breakfast scrambles, tacos and salads, as well as excellent tea and coffee.

Veggie Grill

(above right)

If you live in the US, you'll probably have come across Veggie Grill already. It's a chain restaurant with branches from California to New York. The food isn't particularly glamorous, but it's really affordable and they have a great range of offerings from burgers to healthy buddha bowls. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I find a Veggie Grill in a city I'm visiting, because I know if all else fails I'll be able to get a good, nutritious vegan meal!

Life on Mars

(above and below)

And last but definitely not least, Life on Mars (which was newly opened in 2019) is a real gem in Seattle. A fully vegan bar with some outstanding cocktails complimenting a menu of delicious comfort food, service is excellent and the atmosphere is welcoming but cool. It's a real place of community, with a daily vinyl happy hour where you can pick your favourite records to be played throughout the bar. Go for the music, the drinks or the food - or all three! Highly recommended on the food menu are the Disco Fries and Market Board. (Word is, they'll also be launching a dessert menu pretty soon!)

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