Where to Eat Vegan in Victoria, BC

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Victoria isn’t like the rest of West Coast Canada. It lacks the modern, glassy feel of Vancouver and instead feels like you’re travelling back in time to an old English town. Being British myself, I feel a certain guilt and predictability for liking its quaint, old-world charm, but it’s more than that. Victoria is a small, old city amid the beautiful mountainous backdrop of British Columbia, yet contains a huge amount of culture and restaurants.

And for anyone wondering where to eat vegan in Victoria, there is an abundance of food options! The first time I visited, I was surprised by how many plant-based restaurants and cafes Victoria has. And it isn't a large city! You can easily while away a foodie weekend here, walking from restaurant to bakery to cafe. If you're wondering where to eat vegan in Victoria, this guide is for you! Read on for my top recommendations.

Green Cuisine

(pictured at top)

A staple among local Victoria residents, this self-serve vegan buffet has been open for over 25 years. It has a wide range of savoury dishes and incredible-looking desserts (see image), with the menu alternating daily. Everything is priced by weight, and while not luxurious, Green Cuisine offers tasty options in a very relaxed setting. It's great value for money and really deserves its loyal following. I always crave the food here long after I've left Victoria!

The Very Good Butchers


Making their own excellent plant-based 'meats', The Very Good Butchers are definitely worth a visit. Despite the name, everything is vegan. You can buy burgers and sausages from their store counter, or stop by their restaurant for a BLT or burger. They even make their own vegan poutine! While not exactly a health food restaurant, The Very Good Butchers proudly serve vegan junk food and they do it well.

Be Love


Hands down my favourite vegan restaurant in Victoria. With a seasonally-changing, mostly vegan and gluten-free menu, Be Love offer truly delicious dishes such as Mediterranean gnocchi, raw Black Forest Gateau and house-made botanical elixirs. The price point can be a little high but so is the quality. If I could go here every week I would. Their weekend breakfasts are also excellent. Tip: if the price of the dinner menu puts you off, try lunch instead. The bowls and burgers are quite a bit more affordable.

Cafe Bliss


As the more casual, almost fully raw sister of Be Love, Cafe Bliss has a very different feel. The menu is a little less pricey and more nutrient-dense, consisting of soups, salads and buddha bowls. Dishes here have lots of colour and leave you feeling refreshed and full but not bloated. Their huge range of smoothies and juices are also worth sampling. Go on a day when they have a fully-stocked dessert counter, as their raw cakes are to die for.

Fern Cafe & Bakery


It's not often you find a fully vegan bakery with gluten-free options, but Fern Cafe is just that. Offering such delights as this Black Forest cake and mint macaron, the surroundings are cool, casual and relaxed. You can either stop by for lunch (try the burgers and sandwiches) or grab a treat (or several) to go. When you're finished, pop next door for a vegan ice cream from Cold Comfort.

Vegan Hippie Chick


You know you've arrived at Vegan Hippie Chick as soon as you spot the sign. Bubblegum pink like the interior of the cafe, you can tell this isn't a place that takes itself too seriously. It's hard not to feel uplifted with so much colour, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that the food might be more candy than kale. But you'd be mistaken - the menu is completely raw, offering items such as Eggless Bennies and raw donuts. The Bennies are delicious, and the Vegan Brew (a pumped-up version of healthy hot chocolate with maca, matcha and cashew milk) is utterly addictive.

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  • Image of Where to Eat Vegan in Victoria - brunch Bennies at Vegan Hippie Chick

Pure Lovin' Chocolate

Deserving of a mention on this list, because it's a totally vegan chocolate shop! Pure Lovin' Chocolate sell locally-made, handcrafted chocolates in a variety of flavours. They also stock a wide range of vegan chocolate from North American suppliers. The best place to get your chocolate fix.

Silk Road


I didn’t realise tea-buying could become addictive until I was introduced to this beautiful shop! All teas are imaginatively named (Alchemist’s Brew for example) and look/smell utterly divine. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and are clearly passionate about their products. Everything is vegan, including their high quality skincare line. They even have an in-store spa, making use of their bath and body products. Heaven.

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  1. Great list!! Can’t wait to try The Very Good Butchers, and I hadn’t heard of Be Love – looks delicious! I used to live in Victoria many moons ago, can’t believe Green Cuisine’s still kicking! 🙂

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      So glad you like it Lyndsay! Be Love is my absolute fave – the tables are a little packed in close together but the food is amazing. 🙂

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