10 Vegan Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021

Looking for vegan gift ideas? From kitchen gadgets to cheese and everything in between, these are the best Christmas gifts for your plant-based friends.

10 Vegan Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021 - Vancouver with Love

It's that time of year! I'm wrapping up warm and getting ready for all the festivities of the season, which means gifts!

As any vegan can attest, checking labels to make sure foods contain no animal ingredients is challenging, and the same can be said for choosing plant-based gifts.

But never fear. I'm here to share my list of vegan Christmas gifts that will make even the most difficult person to buy for drool.

(Please note, this article contains NO affiliate links or sponsored mentions. It is simply meant to provide inspiration.)


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10 Vegan Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021 - Vancouver with Love - restaurant vouchers

1. Restaurant Vouchers

In my humble opinion, this is the best gift you can give any food-loving vegan (AKA me). Eating out always feels like a treat, and it'll give your recipient a great excuse to indulge and enjoy some delicious new food, especially if it's a restaurant they've never tried before.

Bonus: there's no physical 'stuff' involved with this gift as it's an experience, so you're not contributing to landfill.

Looking for more vegan lifestyle inspiration? I've got articles on How to Go Vegan (10 Steps), How to Meal Prep, and How to Shop as a Vegan.

Image of vegan whipped cream - Vancouver with Love

2. Kitchen Gadgets

If your recipient loves to cook, you'll make their day by giving them a kitchen gift. And the best part? There's a gift for every price tag in this category! Whether you're going big and buying them a food processor or blender, looking for a mid-weight option like a quality knife, or need a budget item like a mandolin or garlic press, there's something to suit all occasions. Plus you know you're giving them something to last with a gift like this.

Overhead image of vegan magazine 'Thrive'

3. Vegan Magazine Subscription

We all need more inspiration, and there are some fantastic vegan magazines out there these days. Whether you're looking for recipes, plant-based holiday ideas or the latest vegan trends and products, a magazine subscription makes a plant-based great gift.

Here are some of the top ones: Vegan Food & Living, PlantBased Magazine, VegNews, Thrive and Forks Over Knives.

10 Vegan Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021 - teas and latte mixes

4. Teas & Latte Mixes

There's just something so Christmassy about a good latte mix isn't there? Particularly when you can get one that's festive-themed! And bonus points if you can find one packed with superfoods and natural ingredients.

My personal favourites are the Red Velvet and Mint Chocolate Lattes from Organic Traditions for a nourishing yet decadent treat this time of year! You can even buy them in a gift box which is really cute.

10 Vegan Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021 - Vancouver with Love - vegan cheese selection

5. Vegan Cheese Selection

Because these days, that's no longer a laughable statement. Gone are the days of only soy-based cheese and now we have fermented, crafted wheels of cashew-based deliciousness that make perfect grazing boards or lovely wine-and-cheese gifts.

Artisan vegan cheesemakers are popping up in many countries, but if you're Canada-based some of my favourites include Zengarry, Pulse Kitchen, Blue Heron and The Frauxmagerie.

10 Vegan Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021 - cookbooks

6. Cookbooks

In my opinion, cookbooks are the next-best vegan gift idea after kitchen gadgets!. We're blessed with so many fantastic options on the market these days that it's hard to choose just one, but you can be sure you'll find one for all levels of cook.

Some of my personal favourites are books by Oh She Glows, Deliciously Ella, Easy Animal Free and Minimalist Baker.

And if you're looking for a virtual stocking stuffer, I also have my own 20 Minute Vegan Dinners eBook. 10 recipes that all take less than 20 minutes: perfect for providing a little inspiration on those nights when you just don't feel like cooking!

Woman's hands holding Zazubean chocolate

7. New Vegan Food Items

Know of a food your friend really wants to try but hasn't been able to find? Curating your own gift basket of plant-based items can make a lovely vegan Christmas gift.

And a lot of cool new products have come out recently too - think JUST Egg, Zazubean's Creamy Hazelnut vegan milk chocolate, Oatly's Barista Oat Milk and Organic Traditions' Energy Ball Mixes to name a few.

Brownie skillet with ice cream in a Lodge Cast Iron skillet

8. Quality Cookware

If your budget can stretch to it, a piece of quality cookware makes an amazing (and long-lasting) gift for the vegan who cooks. Not only do they last longer, but well-made pots and pans can often be better for you as (depending on what they're made of) many of them don't leach harmful chemicals into the food they're cooking.

My personal favourite brands are Lodge Cast Iron, Dansk, Caraway Home and (if your budget is really flexible) Le Creuset.

10 Vegan Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021 - Vancouver with Love - vegan cosmetics

9. Vegan Cosmetics

I never used to be bothered about skincare, and then I hit my mid-thirties and suddenly, shall we say, it became something I really wanted to invest in. #wrinkles

There are a million brands out there, but I'll leave you with a few of my favourites for gifting. Lush, for affordable and fun cosmetics (and also because they're from my hometown in the UK), LOA SKIN for their deeply moisturizing Beauty Elixir, and last but not least East 29th for their Vital Serum (literally THE BEST thing I've ever put on my face. It's not cheap but worth every penny.)

10 Vegan Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021 - meal kit subscription

10. Meal Kit Subscription

Still stuck for vegan gift ideas? If the person you're buying for is new to eating a plant-based diet, chances are they might be feeling a bit lost with knowing what to cook. Gifting them a meal kit subscription can take off some of the pressure, even for those of us who are seasoned pros.

Although you might struggle to find a purely vegan meal kit company, most of the big players (like Fresh Prep) offer vegan options these days.

I really hope these vegan gift ideas were useful and help take some of the pressure off gift-buying this Christmas! If you enjoyed this article please leave a comment below and feel free to let me know your feedback.

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Stuck for vegan gift ideas this Christmas? If your loved ones are plant-based, this guide offers 10 helpful suggestions for Christmas gifts. From vegan cheese to must-have kitchen gadgets, you'll find gift ideas for all budgets and tastes here.

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